US Handicapable Square Dance Association

Square Dancing, Only For The Fun Of It!

November 18, 2017
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HandiLab Call List! Minimize

Looking for the list of square dance calls?

Click here to download the PDF list!

USH Friendly Callers Minimize

The square dance callers listed here have all indicated that they would be willing and able to call for your handicapable group.

Please contact them directly for additional information.  If you cannot find a caller local to your area, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you find someone!

Callers!  If you are not listed, please fill out the information form below and we'll get in touch with you.

Callers Minimize

We are working on posting up a directory of USH-friendly callers, along with contact information and additional details.  For now, here is a listing of callers.  For contact information on them, please fill out the Request Caller Information form with your location and any information that would be helpful for us to know, and we'll get you in touch with them.

Steve Ackerman
Lloyd Alexander
Clark Baker
Desirey Benevides
Chuck Bermele
Dane Bragg
Scott Brown
Sean Brown
Jim Brown
Scot Byars
Jane Carlson
Frank Cherry
Mark Clausing
Paul Clements (Cuer)
Don Coy
Tim Crawford
Darlene Culligan
Al & Peggy Deby
Dean Emery
Marshall Flippo
Corben Geis
Betsy Gotta
Daniel Graham
Fred Grantham
Patty Greene
Chuck Hall
Ron Harris
Eric Henerlau
Mike Hogan
Robert Hurst
Vernon Jones
Leo Parsberg Jorgensen
Jerry Junck
Ed Laudenschlager
Sharon Long
Bruce Lowther
Michelle Mabie (McCarty)
Mike Magnant
Jerry Majerus
Tim Marriner
John Marshall
Doren McBroom
Bud Miller
Hal T. Miller
Tom Miller (Mississippi)
Tom Miller (Pennsylvania)
Margit Mortensen
Sylvester Nealon
Jeff Palmer
Bill Rahm
Gene Reneau
Jimmy Roberson
Tom Rudebock
Justin Russell
John Ryan
Dana Schirmer
Mike Seastrom 
Stew Shacklette
Terri Sherrer
Mike Sikorsky
Dave Smith
Margaret Snyder
Debbie Steinkirschner
Jerry Story 
John Swindle
Ty Wagner
Fran Wadel
Dave Walker
Jennie Wang
Jim Wass
Dottie Welch
Charlie Wheatley
Betty Williams
Larry Williams
Ed Wilson
Alan Woods
Jim Wylie
Rick Yates
Jerry Yerby
Dennis Young
Honorary Callers (Our Guardian Angels!)
Mike Jacobs
Hank Puckett
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