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Square Dancing, Only For The Fun Of It!

November 18, 2017
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The 13th US Handicapable Square Dance Convention was help on July 26-28, 2012 in Charleston, SC.  A wonderful time was had by all at the Embassy Suites & Convention Center.  The convention opened up with a delicious banquet and then wonderful entertainment by The Voices of Deliverance.  Everyone was up dancing and singing.  Lots of dancing happended and dangles were earned, wonderful exhibitions we performed and everyone had a great time seeing friends once again.  Clubs came from Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, New Jersey, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana and California!  The convention ended with a very BIG circle led by the founders of the USH, Dean and Kitty Emery.  Everyone said goodbye and is looking forward to seeing each other again in St. Louis, Missouri.

 Set your calendars for July 24-26, 2014 and come dance with us in St. Louis!

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Hello Everyone!! We’d like to welcome you to the U.S. Handicapable Website. We are very happy you found us! Please feel free to check out the site, find out who we are, who our dancers are, and even see if you can find a club near your hometown. We would love for you to come dance with us!

In case you have never met a dancer who is Handicapable, let me introduce one to you: 
 “My name is Kathy. I love square dancing! I love Nascar too!”
There!! That says it all - We all love dancing.
Handicapable Dancers are dancers who may have developmental disabilities, may have autism, may have cerebral palsy or any other disability. Handicapable Square Dancers may be dancers in wheelchairs who do not have any developmental disabilities. These wonderful dancers love square dancing as much as we do, they just may need a little more time to dance the steps. Don’t get me wrong! Handicapable Square Dancers have MANY abilities!! There are dancers who can dance Basic, Mainstream, Plus, Advance and even Challenge! 
We are always looking for more Handicapable Square Dance Groups that we do not have contact information for. If you are aware of any clubs out there, or would like to start a group, feel free to contact us.
Again, thank you for coming to visit - we hope to see you in a square!
Michelle Mabie (McCarty)
President, U.S. Handicapable Association
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"Only for the fun of it!!"

The Mission of the U.S. Handicapable Association is to provide a U.S. Handicapable Convention in even numbered years to bring the groups together in fun, fellowship and friendship!

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Feel free to explore the information we have on our site! Here are some quick links to get you started.

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